Thursday, 5 February 2009

CBT course Module 1 Week 2

Spent some time this week thinking about assesment tools, setting an agenda and how focused working with a CBT model needs to be.

As someone who struggles to be disciplined and focused I feel anxious about using these strategies and curious to see how clients respond to this kind of framework.

And I realize that working in a time limited way needs requires me to be able to be disciplined and focused, I guess there is lots for me to learn!

Next week we will begin to practice on each other and I am looking forward to finding the language to present these concepts.

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Cove Counselling & Supervision said...

CBT is just another tool to add to your already full tool bag.

You say that you struggle to be disciplined and focused? do you? I'm guessing that if a client came to you and asked to you work in a disciplined and focused way with them you would!

Your clients will respond to this kind of framework if it works for them not you!

I maybe wrong with this next comment?

I guess you feel anxious about fitting CBT to a client? The client will fit to CBT if it is for them.

Good luck with the rest of course and keep up all the great work you do.

John said...

thanks for you comment Rich, and your confidence in my work :)

I guess you are right about the client using CBT if it is the right fit for them