Sunday, 10 October 2010

Soul Food

What a day yesterday!

I am not having any thoughts in particular, despite all the amazing stuff that happened, like they have just merged into one big feeling of satisfaction at being connected with others, and at 'being' in a way that feels warming to my soul.

Was a day of controversy as Brian is of course deeply religious and can talk in Counselling language and in religious language and of course he is also talking, or perhaps more accurately he is actually talking about spirituality.

I was fascinated by his encouragement to engage in a discipline of self love to remain well internally as a person and to remain open to others, the idea of discipline can feel restrictive and yet his description was of making time and space to take in the wonders around us, to ingest and digest healthy portions of 'soul food'.

This was particularly of interest to me as I am a person who easily rushes, and struggles to take moments to stop and reflect, the encouragement to engage in a discipline, to have time set aside so that days and weeks don't pass without any 'soul food', feels like a good one.

Wondering how I will feed myself today ...

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