Sunday, 8 March 2009

CBT Course Module 1 Week 5

We have now completed week 5 and are officially through half of module 1 and spent the evening as part of a supervision group.

CBT supervision was described as both client focused and has space for self reflection. That most CBT supervision is face to face and one to one, and that group supervision is also available with and without facilitation, although if supervision is required as part of an accreditation process the supervisor or group facilitator needs to be accredited themselves.

We were also introduced to the term "live" supervision which describes bringing a recorded part of a piece of work with a client to supervision. Recording sessions with clients can really get me feeling anxious mostly due to the fantasies I create in my head about how offputting this might be to clients. I say fantasy because this might not be a client reaction, in fact it might be helpful to have a record of the session. And how helpful to my work to be able to listen, and perhaps watch myself, if I was brave enough to think about video recording sessions.

I feel sure that what I would see and hear of myself working would be painful and embarrassing, as it often is as we see ourselves. But hopefully as difficult as it is to see myself it will be as helpful to my practice.

Wondering if you are a therapist who records sessions or maybe you have experienced therapy that has been recorded, maybe you could share your experiences with me?

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Cove Counselling & Supervision said...

Yes I have recorded sessions in the past in the early days of my counselling life.

I did it because my so called supervisor said it would be a good idea..( I know better now)

The fact you are recording the session changes it so much, I found myself trying to perform at the basic counselling was shit.

I think it was Pamala Stevenson (billy Connellys wife)said in one of her books "even the process of observation changes things" well it was something like that.

So my experiance of it was not good. I think the only reson I would recorde a session today is to protect myself. Its also up to my supervisees if they want to recorde thier sessions or not, its not up to me and would it be that useful anyway?

John said...

Hey! thanks for you comment!

And I think you are right about observation changing things!

Some challenges ahead!