Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I listened to a really interesting podcast from listened yo a really intereating podcast from the BBC yesterday about neuroscience. Melvyn Beag interviewed a panel of experts who touched something that really caught my attention.

They mentioned a set of experiments that suggest the unconscious minds reacts and decides before the conscios mind. That what happens below our awareness is then acted upon in what can feel like a decision.

Really got me thinking about experiences where we might think we have made a conscious decision, and at times have no idea where an action comes from and of course there are actions where other people impure motives to us. But thinking about these moments in terms of all the decisions being taken outside of our awareness puts a different light on this for me.

And of course as a therapist leaves me thinking about the question, if I want to be diferent how do I change my thoughts and actions that I don't necessarily have conscious control over.

Much to think about ...

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