Saturday, 13 December 2008

RL/SL Conference

I was really excited to attend the "Program for the Future Conference" in second life (SL) this week that was also being held in real life (RL). Feels like the lines between the two worlds are continue to blur and what is important is not so much what is "real" but which space is more convenient, beneficial and desirable for me to inhabit at any particular moment in time.

In this case it was the only possible way to experience the conference as the RL element was happening in California USA and I was in Scotland, but thanks to SL I was still able to experience it.

When I arrived at the SL site there was a giant screen with video and audio from the RL site, I could easily see and hear what was going on in the RL location.

This technology is particularly of interest to me as I am investigating the viability of a SL element at OCTIA the first British onlinie counsellinig conference. So even if you can't make it physically to the conference you could join us virtually in SL!

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