Thursday, 25 December 2008

New addition to the family

There is a new addition to the family this week, a Macbook Aluminum, and I love it :) Although i just cant seem to work it.

I have that feeling of never having had a computer before, everything seems new and either takes twice as long to do ... or i just cant seem to manage it at all.

I regularly read isilo files that gives me access to .pdb files ... and i just cant find a way to open them on my mac

Have just managed to get Entourage downloaded and running ... which feels like a victory!

But my macbook is so shiny and fast that I will definitely persevere ... I am really interested in web broadcasting and hopefully that my macbook will be an important tool in this as I think about conferencing in Second Life and Real Life simultaneously.

With a mixture of excitement and frustration I am turning to my other new activity ... blogging :)

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