Thursday, 29 January 2009

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Interventions Course

Started a new course tonight CBT interventions runnings for 3 hours on a Thursday evening for 30 weeks. Didn't feel so much like going back to school but the first day of school. As a person centred trained counsellor, learning to work in a CBT is like starting all over again, at least those were the thoughts and feelings I was having today.

Although most of tonight was introductions and getting to grips with course requirements and learning outcomes we did get to spend a little time looking at a CBT model. And I think it looks great! Using a systems model it was very easy to see how a persons thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physiology are all connected and changing one thing in the system changes everything. This feels exciting and empowering as I think of my role as a counsellor and my experience as a client.

There are definite challenges though including starting every session with a written agenda and setting people homework. And yet this is not far from what already happens in my counselling ro as I ask people how they want to use the time and we explore what emerges in sessions and how it might affect their day to day life.

Feels like a good start tonight and I look forward to learning loads!

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