Saturday, 24 January 2009

First ticket sold

Today is a big day for OCTIA as the first ticket to the conference was sold, and it was bought by an online delegate!

Feels like Online Counselling is coming of age in a whole new way. As a group of people who specialize in forming meaningful relationships through the Internet, it seems really fitting that we are enthusiatic about connecting to each other as proffessionals regardless of the distance between us.

I am thinking that the distance may be measured in miles, perhaps we are not able to afford to travel or have other circumstances that prohibit our physical presence. But our ability and willingness to overcome these obstacles at OCTIA reflects what we are able to offer individuals who seek a therapeutic relationship with us!

This is just so exciting!

Please join us and share the excitement at

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Kate Anthony said...

I feel I *ought* to point out that I Keynoted at an online conference abt online counselling back in 2005.... was based in Canada by a group called Knowtips.

Duzzent make this any less exciting of course - it didn't have a physical presence anywhere, and certainly nothing going on in SL. Gill was there as I recall.


John said...

Thanks for pointing this out! Can you tell how easily I get carried away hehe